I love you with all my heart

Remember when I was so sad? Regretting everything I was,And had?All that changed after I got to know you,Opening up, and telling you the truth.Showing you what was inside,Sure that you'd leave me or hide.I remember the paralyzing fear.Though after awhile it was clear..  I remember when I was falling,Though I swore to myself years ago,That never again, would I give myself a calling.A way out of pain.A way to escape my suffering.I remember when you said you'd be there,Telling me that I was not alone, and that you'd care.I remember doubting myself,Telling myself to not believe, Though everyday you were still there for me. I need a way to show you,I need a way to say,That I will also be there for you, Each and everyday.Words often fail me,When it comes to you,Nothing seems right to say,I need something better than 'I love you.'Because to me, your heart is true.What would I do if you were gone?What would I be without you?There is no part of me, that is complete,Without you by my side,You made me who I am,Changed me a bit inside.You gave me hope when I lost mine,You gave me love, so many times.You never get mad at me,We never fight,So it seems to me,Shouldn't everything be alright?I love your silly puns,Every time they make me laugh,I love the way you care, The way you always make things fair,I love the way you talk,The perfect things to say,Somehow they always make me smile,The feelings they portray.I wish I could show you just how much I care,Hopefully this poem is a start,I just want you to know,I love you with all my heart.

This poem is about: 
My family


Marlon Pitter

Lovely write.

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