Words so sweet never tempted to escape these lips
As I blow the breezed flowered utterances to you
I must ponder in dire
Are my expressions suffocating?
Are my advances tiring?
And I must hope in earnest
May my sentiments span the oceans!
May my message be carried by the gulls!

Dreams so grand never caught themselves in the net of my throat
As I close my tired eyes and envision all of you
I must recall in detail
Our heated witty banter~
Our tiny unplanned adventures~
And I must lie in wait
We will dance again!
We will embrace again!

Tears so salted never rolled down my reddened cheeks
As I run circles yearning to reach you
I must jump in place
Next we’ll do this and that <3
Next we’ll do that and this <3
And I must write in eloquence
Perhaps prayers will be answered.
Perhaps time will reunite us.

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