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It hurts me to say, but I know that this is the end, Because after everything that happened, we can never be friends again. I have to admit to myself, that I will always love you,
How do you win the same battle when you don't think that you have anymore fight? And when it seems like you have to give up because it seems like you can't do anything right?
A true friendship is being united with honesty and love. Who are always there for you, to make you laugh when you are down. Help you understand your problems when you feel like trash.
Aspects of A Floral Being  Uncomparable to blooming sun’s rays,   A Art of harmony in full brightened cheeks:   B Brush of bristles constructing elegancy,    A
Grounding me, similar to the acts of a ship’s anchor You are my stability. Anxiously waiting to hit land,  We met,  like wave greeting beach
Debris of friendships:   Tomboy dressed obscure, playing sports while being coy. Girls were damsels, drama queens which I was no part of: you won’t catch me.
In my arms she rest; her short soft breath fleeting away as her tears of glass shards pierce my flesh  "Rest, my love" I say motherly Her glassy eyes, hands like petals Soft and sweet was once her innocents How horridly it was stripped naked and b
Growing up is difficult. Growing up in a third world country is also difficult. Moving away was hard. It wasn't easy. I dont think it'll ever be.
The pain he leaves you with is not your identity. You are not what he said you are and “crazy”,
when the sun turns red,my heart for you breaks;for I knowit's turning was in honorof your suffering.
From a world of different cultures, there is a shelter, warm and tender.Displayed from the blessed rains of Africa,
i’m looking for something that’s gone once again i don’t know who you are, can i call you my friend? there’s a hurt in everything i say and i do  because everything seems to remind me of you
I never saw a facethat I Saw as much as yours that golden part it sent me into such a spiral wringing together hands that invariably aimed to only touch yours;
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
To Them, Today I looked at you through a glass dome I watched the tears fall from your cheeks Your eyes creased, cheeks growing red  Your voice cracked in the middle of your sentence
Dear My High School Peers,   Filled halls... head down Breathe... breathe Only four more years Three more years
What is love? Is it just a word to say? Is it a belief I can use just to get my way? Is it the voice inside your head that says, “Because of me, the verbal abuse is okay."?
Love isn't always easy, Challenges may come your way. But as long as you hold hand in hand, You will live to see another day.   Everything is up to you, You have your pen to write.
You’re far away too far away, and still you’re my best friend. And thoughts of you don’t go away, but I don’t want them to end. And as times progress, with every breath
sophomore year liturgy of the body once a week for four weeks the girls and boys were separated and we learned about healthy relationships healthy - catholic - relationships
Because I love you, I worry. I worry about if your day is going well, and if you're doing okay. I worry  about if I am doing everything in my power to keep your head above water
Of all the people you've met who went though your home,  there's a greater significance than you ever could have known. Those that have stuck by you through the ups and downs you've faced,
It's too early in the morning and I'm still thinking about You Thinking about all the things I still want to do to You Talking to myself all the time about You
Betrayed. Cast away. How could they do this to me? I guess they were just too afraid.   Unforgivable, and Unforgettable What they did was not okay.  Time to live life my way.  
you you are a black hole you consume everything you touch and collapse in upon yourself when there is no more for you to hold tightly to the void that trickles like ink when you speak
Everyone's high these daysSmoking joints between classes That we can only afford by sucking dick and taking names because we are up to our armpits in college debt and drowning in self worth issues but when I'm high it's alright I don't have to thi
I'm fine. 
One step to the left and,      Already dead I pull-poked the wonderings out of my head. They slimed and they slithered Into the pool To recreate moments of frivolous drool That deemed little merit
ONE. We meet.A while later, we start talking.Later still, we discover that the term "soul-mates" doesn't just apply to the romantically inclined.
Secrets are spread all around    Lies are told to you and me   Hate blinds those who cannot see   The truth that is spoken is not believed   One person you can trust   Is me
This sand is no longer paradise, There's hopelessness in the sea. But I am not alone here, there’s Feet that don't belong to me.   A living being, my own blood, Someone I couldn't live without,
If you have ever Walked down a street, You are sure to remember That many people you meet. Not faces, per se, But people still. "Only some will do important things," they say,
ValidationThis is the only thing I needWhen I have itI can finally feel secureAnd only with itDo I feel safe-It's comparable to an addictionIt keeps away my demonsIt makes me unafraid
It hurts to be forgettenI try to supress the painbut it still doesn't work,so my other best option
A joyful laughter rung through the room,
the first time in my life i ever smelled a stick of incense was at my friend lindseyswe were in the fifth grade and she was my very very very best friendshe watched all the cools eighties movies
Don't get to close you might windup attached to something you don't fully understand.
You were my partner…. you were my brother…You understood this side of me the way no one else could.We’d vent to each other, we struggled together every single day just to be seen as normal…
F*ck the friendzone…as a matter of fact, f*ck the bestfriendzone.
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
We started out friends, as close as can be but all of a sudden you started to hate me. You tell me we're friends, always and forever but when I ask whats going on, you say whatever.
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
I’ve told you before Some things don’t have to be said Like the rules to this physical game we’re playing But I still tell you I miss you No confession of missing me too But some things don’t have to be said
  After the tears have washed away and the world
Even though we change, And we're finding our place in the world. We all know that when tears fall,
Best friends understand when you say forget it, Wait forever when you say just a minute, Stay by your side when you say leave me alone,
Be  my friend. Help me to my feet when life knocks me down. Hold me when the world makes me cry. Laugh at me when i trip over air. Be my friend. Be the one person that makes a difference in my life. Be the shoulder that I can cry on.
Summer stars and fireworks And watermelon rinds It was on those sky-blue days We had the best of times  
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
when i was little, i was lonelyi looked for people like me -i found you, and you were greatfor a while at least.
You know that moment you feel wounded and broken? You say something easy and fine and they look at you with a blank line.
Do you ever notice, the light that twinkles in my eyes when you talk to me?Do you ever notice, my smile when I hear your laugh?Do you ever notice, how I perk up when you call my name?
We high five each other when we are ready to fail a test we didn't study for We run around and ho wild when we're with each other But in front of those scary teachers, we're on our best behavior
How close can you go without saying to someone, All the things you keep bottled up inside, Your true thoughts, How you really feel, How close can you go without saying it?
It takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves Whispering of the beautiful scenery Remembering the good things Working through the bad To build a bright future
I was serious. I'm not writing a poem today. I just feel like ranting, because I can't think of a way to write a narrative poem that could say everything on my mind. Heh, no epics today my friends.
Eternity, feels like time, Jazz! My pupils are attached to my touch screen like snail slime on a window glass. Every time a thought of Jazz peeks in, I feel a tickle. A sour mist of IMY! :((
Grim looks upon their faces These people stray to the strangest places Leaving nothing but misery in their wake People dying of heart ache, peace to their sake
Beauty is self-determined What is to define such a word as beauty? It is indescribable Because none have the exact opinion of another For me, the white rose is the most beautiful creation
When I saw her, it was like everything I was ever upset about was gone, vanished from this earth. The only thing that stuck out to me was her and how beautiful she was. Hair so long that it seemed like it can go on forever.
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