Another Set of Footprints

This sand is no longer paradise,

There's hopelessness in the sea.

But I am not alone here, there’s

Feet that don't belong to me.


A living being, my own blood,

Someone I couldn't live without,

Another life intertwined with mine -

My sister: a friend I care about.


We share the same experiences,

Together in the past and beyond,

And, without her here beside me,

Nothing’s left in a new day’s dawn.


The power of a companion,

Is what most of us need.

There's something about it,

Which we cannot conceive.

The beating heart, the eyes, the nose,

But besides the physical -

It’s the style, the repose.


I am not in love with a person,

Rather, the presence to be precise,

The feeling of being all alone,

In the dark, by myself. Stone. Ice.


The unfinished sentences, the silent farewell,

Aren’t we all victims of relationships to tell?

The same force that pulls together also pushes apart,

Yet there’s something about a bond that’s close to the heart.


The affinity of lovers, of friends, of kin,

All of these voice we want to belong somewhere within.

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My family
Our world
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