A High School Experience

Dear My High School Peers,


Filled halls... head down

Breathe... breathe

Only four more years

Three more years

Two more years... only two more years

Six months...

Look up.

Pull your headphones out

Hear the rumor laced whispers.

See the hostile groups.

Backs turned, arms crossed

Feel alone.

Feel those glares burning at the back of your skull...

Shot by the people you used to know.

When did it change?

When did I turn from being a friend

To an object?

When did being called to hang out

Become a request of my service?

When did my feelings

Lose significance?

In high school, we are supposed to learn

Algebra, history, english, and science,

But instead I was taught not to trust.

"Trust me you can trust me!"

Lies they told having a knife aimed at my back

taking shots at my heart till they heard it crack

Watching it break into pieces on the floor

Being the only thing I could look at as they walk out the door.

Alone again.

A process that repeats itself day after day.

When I only wanted to hear them say

"We promise, you are good enough!"

But instead, only silence.

Headphones in...

Eyes at the ground...

Scared to look up...

Terrified to make a sound...

Don't be noticed, go to class, do your work, go home,

Keep your presence unknown.

Wait to cry until you're at home

Family there with open arms and open ears...

There to hear about your dreams and fears.

A safe place.

High school has been hard.

It's been the root of my fears

And countless nights of water falling tears

But I am surviving!

It is not forever.

A high school experience.



Hannah Delaney


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