This is not a poem, no seriously. It's not.

I was serious. I'm not writing a poem today. I just feel like ranting, because I can't think of a way to write a narrative poem that could say everything on my mind. Heh, no epics today my friends.

Today, I just feel horrible. Probably because I didn't rest last night, which would be the cause of of this girl who has stolen away my best friend.

He and I were best friends, we even considered each other family. We made the joke that we were totally opposite in body shapes and voices, but we were twins. We loved each other. Family.

He has always had a tendency to choose bad girlfriends, but now he's taken it too far. This girl is in 8th grade(may I mention that he is 18...). She posts pictures of herself showing as much cleavage as possible, and disrespects her parents. She drinks. She posted one day say that she got in a fight with her mom, and her mom said, "You need Jesus." and her response was, "Yeah, so he can hop on my dick!" Now, I'm not religious. I am actually animistic. But that was quite vulgar for an eight grader. On top of all this, she is refusing to allow him to have friends. She got rid of all his girl friends and I was the last to go.

Finally, she messaged me on Facebook (Can't say I didn't see it coming) and said she didn't want me to talk to her boyfriend anymore. My only response to that, that I could think of, was no. Like hell, I was about to give up my family to this girl. And her only response--so mature--was "I don't want this to get as ugly as you are, but I'm blocking you from his Facebook." I go to high school with him. She can't keep me away.

Until, she mentioned that he didn't want me around anymore. That cut like a knife. Of course, she was lying. Of course she was, I mean. Family doesn't give up on family that fast. Esspecially, how the same day he told me how much he loved me and we'd always be there for each other. So, I called him. To inform him of the injustice she is to his true love waiting on him. Then, suddenly I was wrong. He was allowing all of this. He was even reading it all. He was letting her and, "I just don't understand what she means to him." Of course, though, he would still talk to me in school.

And I said not to worry about doing that.



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