The Pain of Friendship

The Pain of Friendship


You have been my best friend for the last couple years

We stood together through the laughter and tears

Today the tears are not mutual; they are just in my eyes

I can’t believe my best friend got caught up in these lies


I’ll never turn my back on you, our bond I is too strong

I just wish you would admit what you have done is wrong

I try to support you in whatever choices you make

But if I supported you in this I would be making a mistake


You have stepped on a lot of true friends by making this choice

When I try to talk to you it seems that I have no voice

It hurts so badly when I think of what you have done

I want to leave you behind but I don’t have the courage to run


You are my best friend but I don’t know you anymore

But you have shut everyone out and lost the key to the door

You will never understand how much pain you’ve caused us all

But I’m still ready to catch you when you’re are ready to fall



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