remember when you loved me too?

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 08:37 -- mxddxx

i’m looking for something that’s gone once again

i don’t know who you are, can i call you my friend?

there’s a hurt in everything i say and i do 

because everything seems to remind me of you

can’t you remember the days we would share

together laughing and singing, not having a care

or did she give you a better reason to forget

i don’t know how you love her, you barely just met

i just want you to know that i miss you, so much 

that you could come back and i’d never laugh, never judge 

because i’ve learned my lesson, you know that i’ve grown 

i’m sorry i hurt you, i can’t do this alone

and even though you’ve changed, I still love you

remember way back when you loved me too


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