I, Like A Rose


United States
29° 54' 38.9916" N, 95° 39' 22.7232" W

Beauty is self-determined
What is to define such a word as beauty?
It is indescribable
Because none have the exact opinion of another
For me, the white rose is the most beautiful creation
The pureness of color displays the much desired simplicity
But truly, the rose isn't simple at all
It is a lonely soul that grows independently
And manages to stand out from the rest
It keeps a guard up for potential oppressors
Only those who get to know the rose within will be accepted by the few leaves it holds
And those that its leaves hold are more precious than anything
Because without them, it cannot survive
It is complex in all of its systems
One cannot fully comprehend how much it works to survive
As it is a creature much like us
The white rose is the story of us all
We are all beautiful with color or the lack of
We all carry the same guard to never let anyone see too much of us
We may allow some people to enter our lives
Maybe not by photosynthesis, but it occurs
Those who we accept are dear to us and we need them to survive
They become our ear to listen
Our shoulder to cry on
Our friend to learn from
Our lover even
None are more precious to us than the ones accepted by our own leaves
I am like a rose!
Are you?


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