7.4 Billion

If you have ever

Walked down a street,

You are sure to remember

That many people you meet.

Not faces, per se,

But people still.

"Only some will do important things," they say,

But in reality everyone will.


Inside every person is a story

With so much to hold;

Open up to them and see

How both tales unfold.

For all these stories are magnificent,

And if you pay attention you will find

That in people these stories are not deficient

Whether they be polite, mean, or kind.


The people, their stories, they all interweave,

Forming a web of relationships more complex

Than anyone could conceive, 

With everyone feeling its effects.

This essential web is created, of course,

Because each of us is important in many people's lives.

If someone were alone, without the web's force,

They would surely suffer, if not die.


As you can tell from the words upon my lips,

There is one thing I hold most dear:

Forged along the way, all of my relationships,

Because of which I feel no fear.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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