It's too early in the morning and I'm still thinking about
Thinking about all the things I still want to do to
Talking to myself all the time about
I wonder if finishing this essay in English will help succeed at anything in life
I keep piling on advanced classes yet not doing any advanced work
I am frustrated
Beyond words
My mind shifts back to you
At 12 am as I scramble to type out a poem I can't seem to really feel my arm cramps
I'm a shattering mess yet Im the only one who can glue myself whole again and that makes me happy
I'm so happy I'm not like you
I don't need a boy to pick me up
You let him pick you up and you suffocated him
He doesn't know you like I know you
Yet he gave you things I don't have
I'm mad at myself for falling in love with my best friend
Plot twist
I didn't mean to
That's why I hated the fact that you chose him over me
You say I was being too mean
You asked why I mugged him
I told you I didn't
And you talked bad on my mother
We can't be friends
I panicked when I saw my transcripts
Felt myself fall only slightly
Im mad because when did I stop caring
I should have made better friendship choices
Because your negativity poisoned me
Just like it poisoned him
Your mental illness doesn't excuse you from responsibilities
It's nearly 1 am
And this english essay is still not completed
I'm always doing advanced classes
Yet never any advanced work

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