Debris of Friendships

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 17:30 -- Aixa

Debris of friendships:


Tomboy dressed obscure, playing sports while being coy.

Girls were damsels, drama queens which I was no part of: you won’t catch me.

Then I grew up—high school ahoy.

I avoided everyone, even the boys.


I didn't want to be teased. No drama for me.

However this time, it would not let me be.


Throwing my cap and gown in the air, college was the next social affair.

This is where it all went down the rabbit hole.

New friends came my way !


A roller coaster of boys and girls: came and went with their own ploy

I stayed in the background and made little noise

As I watched some friendships be destroyed.

It wasn’t the girls believe it not—

I was used and harassed, for sex ; for the “bro code”,

And this is where their true colors showed.


“No” made them angry, calling them out made them cold,

Little did they know that I had all the control.

I am not your toy.

I am not a tool.

I am not your decoy.

I am not a fool.


You can call me a bitch.

You can throw me out of your niche.

Over the years  I had learned the hard way

that standing up for myself against them was perfectly okay.

I have a voice. My body is mine. My word has truth.


You  wronged  me, and I’m sure you knew…

“I’m sorry” won’t cut it. You’ve crossed the line.

And now it’s my turn, to say goodbye.

I don’t have time for this. A puppet I won’t be.


While you play games, I’m getting my degree. I'm  going to teach girls that they can be free--

free of negativity, manipulation, and abuse.

“I’m sorry” is nothing more than an excuse…


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