Pretty Girl (Free Verse Poem)

When I saw her, it was like everything I was ever upset about was gone, vanished from this earth. The only thing that stuck out to me was her and how beautiful she was. Hair so long that it seemed like it can go on forever. Smile so bright that it’s probably the reason why the sun rises everyday and her eyes are why the stars twinkle so bright in the night sky. When I feel down, all I gotta do is just hear her beautiful voice and then I’m lid up like fireworks, put back together like a broken puzzle. We get along very well, she told me I was the sweetest guy she knew, I wanted to tell her she was the most amazing girl on the planet but I decided to hold off because mama always told me “Colin they will come to you, just play it cool”. She was right, I didn’t want to be desperate like some of the guys who just walk up to a girl and then just go on a date with her for a night and then break up with her. To me that’s like buying something at a store then returning it the next day. Girls aren’t material objects,and there is not a chance in this world that I would treat the girl I’m in love with like garbage because she’s more than just a girl to me. She’s an angel, a queen. I bet some of the guys shes been with never cared about her the way I do now and that’s a shame for them but not for me. She’s too beautiful to pass up, only a dumb fool would treat an amazing girl like that the wrong way. She gives me hugs almost everyday, the best hugs you can get. She will tell me she loves me every once in a while but I just think shes trying to be nice, but if I can kiss her soft lips then I’d be the happiest guy in the world and down deep inside the depths of my heart I truly do care about her alot. So on that note before I finish this I just have one thing to tell you girl, I love you.


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