Rules of Engagement


I’ve told you before

Some things don’t have to be said

Like the rules to this physical game we’re playing

But I still tell you I miss you

No confession of missing me too

But some things don’t have to be said


You lay down and I take the chance

Lay down next to you

Occupy the space of the one I know you’re loving

Simply because I know I can

Simply because I know you won’t tell me no

We’ve gotten use to taking advantage of each other

We’ve learned the cheat codes to this game

We’ve pressed all the right buttons


You pull me close

But not too close

Close enough for me to hear your breath

Whisper that you want me

Close enough to let me know that you still love me

Close enough to let me know not to come any closer

Because you belong to someone else

And I dare not cross that line

I dare not break the unspoken rules we’ve established

For fear of you pulling away

Because it’s been a while since I’ve been this close to someone


Close enough

But not too close

But rules were meant to be broken

But I can’t resist

So I scoot closer

My chest crossing the thin imaginary line

We’ve drawn in the sheets with each shaky breath

A movement here

A touch there

A nudge here

We move in stop motion until

We’ve engulfed each other in our arms

Feeling your breath slow down

I assume your sleeping so I whisper

My confession

I love you. . .still

You grip my hand tighter

Press your body against mines and whisper

Remind me of the first rule of engagement

Rule number one

Some things don’t have to be said


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