Cherry Hill


Summer stars and fireworks

And watermelon rinds

It was on those sky-blue days

We had the best of times


There were always the five of us

Together, you could say

That we were the best of friends

In every thought and way


On that special cherry hill

We would always meet

And laugh and play and sing until

The year left out its heat


So when he came and told me

The way he thought of her

I kept my own feelings deep inside

No matter how much it hurt


My thoughts of him grew stronger

Every single day

But now they were filled with how

She took him away


It wasn't that I was shy, no

I could tell him true my heart

But honestly, it was my pride

That kept us far apart


The fact that I had lost

To something that she won

Made it hard to love them all...

A breaking had begun


And so the days went on

The five of us, well we

Began to gather less and less

'Til it was only you and me


We met up on that cherry hill

Covered all in frost

And though she wasn't with you now

I still felt I had lost


Loneliness had humbled me

But I was no longer afraid

It was almost like I had given up

On what I wanted you to say


And yet, as I told you

What I saw on your face

Gave me the courage to

Try and win the race


Summer stars and fireworks

Together, we called them there

Back up to that cherry hill

And climbed the forgotten stair


Still there were the five of us

From changing worlds we came

Finally together again

Different, and yet the same.

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