"It is not you, it is them"

It's not you. It's them.
You loved me 
They never even tried
I trusted you 
But I never should have trusted them 
You never have hurt me
But they did 
You see my friend 
I will always hold you at distance 
It is not you 
Never has 
It is not who you are 
Or what you have done 
It is them.
The things they did
The words they said
The looks they gave
When they held my gaze.
It is not you 
It is them.
It is because of them 
I cannot love freely 
Nor trust 
Like an open book.
It is because of them 
I cry at night. 
It is because of them 
I judge everything about myself.
But it is because of you
That I am comforted when I cry.
It is because of you 
You make me see potential in myself.
Because of you. Not because of them 
I will maybe one day
Love freely
And be an open book. 
This will be because of you. Not them. 
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