Best friend

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  As the service commenceFeeling these chills down my neckKnowing its you,tell myself I can't handle this... "Ill be with you forever haha"Those are the words she said to me... See this is wat I call entering insanityMe leaving my conscienceEnterin in to a realm of nun factual is  replaced by my wildest desires...Where a alternate self that pleases reality Where I disclose that you are and always have been the love of my life...  the pastor says" we will open the floor for words on Rebecca's/zoey/ chealseBehalfThe crowd looks around Then I rise...Not willingly Then I riseNerves on edgeAs I rise... I approach...Apprehensively  See I met her at 17 Her short physic acrossed my eyes as just another chick...Then she sat next to me..Up close this girls so cold..Her long  hair took shape of braids locked around my soulwe made eye contact.....Using opticals in the color of hazel...Her eyes were incidentHer eyes were freshHer eyes showed potentialNo only potential but those eyes took  hold of me....I spoke She sangI listenedShe told Capturing every ounce of my respect  and love .....Some time passed and I gave her faith of the the potent type...she was the kinda girl you take home to moms Then the romorsHer passiveness Left peers with power to defineHer size "small"Her skin "corrosive" Her nonexistent voice called her snobby" So many insults, so many jokesLeaving me feelin guilty bc the fact is im in a pursuit of popularity.... So I took part....for months it went on See in school she was my victimAnd I never thought I'd feel this badBut she die now....SuicideNo she was our beastlyalityDaym near adults...for better words DemonsWe feed on her silentWe thirsted for her flaws For the single year she was my bestfriendShe was the person I confined to told my deepest fearsAnd gained eas, she was my shoulder  She's different...she took my abuseBlindly turned the other cheek to satisfy my pursuit  Then 2 weeks ago..I receive a letter in my looker       Dear best friend I love you...I forgive you for the past.ill for get all the shoots at me...if you just do me a favor...vow to tell about me...tell about the insults,tell about the scrutiny. Make sure they all remember me...     Signed with sincerely           BEST FRIEND... She fell victim to a pistol...a self inflicted wond to the head....right in the bathroom stall...She was a victim...She was a punchin bathI see I don't tell this story for the killed I'm tellin for the killer...For sticks and stones will bones but words could be the reason...See now she gone...she took my insults She took my words but also my love...She's my love....Never to by my lover but forever and always my best friend... To :realityFrom: what could've been... 

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