Because I Love You

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 17:13 -- srhea21

Because I love you,

I worry.

I worry

about if your day is going well,

and if you're doing okay.

I worry 

about if I am doing everything in my power

to keep your head above water

when your sadness

is causing your lungs to fill with water

and you can't seem to find a reason 

to keep fighting.

I  worry

Because I love you.


Because I love you,

I invest.

I invest time 

into making our relationship

the strongest it can be,

whether it be by sitting with  you while you study,

or listening to what keeps you up at night, 

or being a shoulder for you to lean

or cry on.

I invest ideas

on how I can put a smile on your face,

and make you laugh,

for your happiness is important to me

and makes me happy as well.

I invest 

Because I love you.


Because I love you,

I worry,

and I invest,

and I care,

so that I can make sure you are happy

and know that you are loved.


Because I love you,

your happiness

and well-being

comes before my own.





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My family
My community
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