Be  my friend. Help me to my feet when life knocks me down. Hold me when the world makes me cry. Laugh at me when i trip over air. Be my friend. Be the one person that makes a difference in my life. Be the shoulder that I can cry on. Love me even when I make mistakes. Forgive me when I make you angry. Love me through the hard times that will come. Correct me when I'm wrong. Fight with me as if i was your sister. Be my strength when I am weak. Be my peace when I am at war. Give me advice when I am confused. Be my friend. Understand me when no one else does. Turn my frowns into smiles. In return, i promise to bring you the best in me. Be my friend, and you won't regret it. I promise. I will take what you give me and return it to you ten fold. Lets be friends. Hurt each other with the truth but never comfort with lies. Never sugarcoat anything because that is a form of a lie. Be my friend. Lets be loyal to one another. Never trust the rumors and warn against guys that are looking for one thing. Lets be friends. Lets go to parties together and get home safe together. Lets be friends. Lets talk all night long about boys and the drama of our celebrity crushes. Lets be friends. Becaus I promise I will love you through the thick and the thin. Lets be best friends. Lets stick together forever. With promises that will never fade, lets be friends -starting today.


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