Notice Me

Do you ever notice, the light that twinkles in my eyes when you talk to me?
Do you ever notice, my smile when I hear your laugh?
Do you ever notice, how I perk up when you call my name?
Do you ever notice, how I stay up all night with you, helping, or just talking?
Do you ever notice, that I laugh at every little thing you say?
Do you ever notice, that I dress up nicer on the days I see you more?
Do you ever notice, that I do everything for you?

But you must think the same thing.
About her.
Does she ever notice your smile, your laugh,
your outfit,
you trying?
I notice.

But she must think the same thing.
About him.
Does he ever notice her smile
her laugh,
her outfit,
her trying?
I notice.
But she's given up on him now.
She has nearly turned to you.
And I want to be excited for you,
I want to tell you.
But I also don't.

Sometimes I want to say
That I wish that was me.
That everything you do,
Was not for her,
But for me.
But I know I couldn't say that.
Because I should want what is best for you.
I should want what you want.
I should want to see you happy.
Even if I'm not.

And she is my best friend.
And you are too.
But she knows.
She knows how I feel.
You don't.
But she does not notice the hurt in my eyes.
I hide it too well.
I don't want her to notice.

Don't you see?
I only want you to be happy.
Don't I?

Don't I?

I only want you to notice me.


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