Mile Count

You’re far away

too far away,

and still you’re my best friend.

And thoughts of you don’t go away,

but I don’t want them to end.

And as times progress,

with every breath

your air collides with mine,

and my head recalls that

no mile count could make me change my mind.

Don’t worry, no,

don’t stress too much

because you’re not with me,

for miles and miles

add up and up

and it never gets easy.

But one day soon,

what was a mile

will just be a few feet.

I’ll be on the couch

and you’ll be putting dishes in the sink.

I’ll never face defeat alone

as long as you’re with me.

And we’ll wake up really early

and we’ll sleep in really late

and we’ll stay in our embrace

atop a mattress with white sheets.

Look, a little you!

A little me!

They’re just inches away.

Can you believe we spent those miles apart

just waiting for this day?

Well, I can, because

those miles never meant a thing to me.

Nor they should they to you.

I know between us two

there’s a huge distance amount,

but the way I feel,

I know it’s real

even with the mile count.

And I know it’s been a journey,

and we still have more to go,

but I feel like we connect so well,

and that’s something we both know.

What’s the point in starting something

when you know that it’s so right

if, in the end, you’d rather give it up

and not put up a fight?

There’s no point

and for that reason

I have never left your side,

even when I felt so broken

after every time I’ve cried

over you and everything that’s happened

since this first began.

Even when you said, “We cant!”

and I was screaming

“Yes we can!”

And I’m glad I kept the faith

and God always sent us back

to where we first started the race

so we could get right back on track.

I’m so thankful for the distance

and though it makes us wanna shout,

we wouldn’t be the couple that we are

without the mile count.

This poem is about: 
My family


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