From a world of different cultures,
there is a shelter, warm and tender.
Displayed from the blessed rains of Africa,
to the American sensational season of summer.

There is always a flower,
embracing the boundary of the towers.
There is no harm caused,
they beautify and attract the other eyes.
A scent of naturality,
a scent of honey,
mixed with the calm air and spread everywhere.
Drawing the attracted nearer and nearer,
which unites all species together.

Oh Dear Friend,
connected our pieces again.
Got us from low and swept the messes,
slowly with ease and provides willingly.

Oh dear Friend!
Oh God, may you lend
the heart that cures
all the pains leaned against
the mind, blood flow,
flesh, bones and the depths of our souls.

Naturality became your cornerstone,
and love became essential.
In a community of shelters,
there is one in hundreds, thousands,
hundred thousands, millions and billions around.
That share all the time they would spend,
to live a self-life which will never end.
But being the living hero to everyone else,
please take my appreciation!

Oh Dear Friend!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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