Life's Endless Fight

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 12:11 -- kavery


United States
30° 12' 27.5544" N, 98° 6' 43.2432" W

Grim looks upon their faces
These people stray to the strangest places
Leaving nothing but misery in their wake
People dying of heart ache, peace to their sake

Trying to find the answer to the questions in my heart
Just lay there waiting, 'til waiting tears me apart
Sitting in dark places searching for the way
To finally bring you back to me someday

I've decided kissing in the rain is just a worthless act
When you know the person you're with doesn’t love you, for a fact.
I've found love is such a pointless way of living,
when all you do the whole time is keep giving and giving.

And I was a fool for thinking you were mine.
When you let me go, I thought I'd be fine.
I chased away all the memories and moved on,
I guess I was wrong, but I truly believed this time you were gone.

I hate that all we do is continually fight,
I've found it's truly worthless to view the world as black and white.
Trying to find peace, when there's never really love;
I guess all you gotta do is try and rise above.

You say the world isn't fair,
And I know it's not.
I guess when you lose it,
is when you realize what you’ve got.


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