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F*ck the friendzone…as a matter of fact, f*ck the bestfriendzone.

It’s just a sticky predicament, a poor excuse to why I can’t officially, call someone specially mine own. We’ve known each other for so long, that we gave birth to such a tight bond, that there’s not enough room to push out…feelings that’s not shown.

So I can’t explain to you why I get a wee bit upset when you talk about other females. Describing all the intimate details, about how she makes you feel. Man... you flip through more girls than a coin flips from heads to tails. But being the good friend that I am...I always listen to all that. Answering the phone, you rambaling on, as we have another “whore chat”. And yes, I consider them whores because they suck up and f*ck up the little chance that I do have. But being the good friend that I am…I just tuck up and shut up, give you dape and we both laugh.

I love your laugh….’cause it’s the reason why I laugh too. It’s just the way that it flashes your smile that it lights up the corners of the whole room, brightest thing in the whole room, blinding when you’re shining, I admire a diamond just like you.

And I’m not gonna forget to mention, how there’s no hesitation whenever we hug. It’s like a constant constellation, no signs of separation between the both of us. That’s why I choose you. Over my boyfriends (slash) boys that I get myself involved with. It’s like no matter how solid me and their relationship is, when you come around you just dissolve it. And whenever I have a problem, you find a way to resolve it, what can I say…I’m your damsel in distress and you’re my Prince Charming.

But I can’t tell you all of this because I don’t think you feel the same way I do. We both see eye to eye but I don’t think you see the same things that I view, I love you. More than a broke couple would love our type of friendship, to save their marriage. More than a homeless man, would love to go back to his happy home, in his mansion, romancing. I tried loosing feelings for you, but they just end up enhancing. So let’s just explore, por favor, that’s all I’m asking. Let’s just see where it takes us, ‘cause right now, I’m tired of glancing. Let’s just take this chance and, just take my hand and, let’s make some moves and I’m not talking about dancing.



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