I'm Fine

I'm fine. 


I'm fine, walking down the road of life, 

Everyone around me. 

Going different directions, but all together, 

The most lonely I've ever been. 


I'm fine. 


They look at me, yet can't see me, 

I can't exhibit myself. 

Though I dearly wish I could, 

Dearly wish to be with them. 


I'm fine though. 


The darkness is coming in, 

I feel so alone,  

Call out for help,  

But no one really knows me, can hear me. 


I'm fine. 


I begin to shake, begin to tremble, 

Some begin to notice. 

They are afraid to do anything, 

I don't want them to anyways. 


I'm fine. 


But then, 

One finally hears my cry. 

Pulls me out of the hole, 

Sets me on a new path. 


I'm really fine. 


Now, though, I'm alone again, 

But not in a bad way. 

I need to make a way for myself, 

Can't ride on anyone's shoulders. 


I'm fine. 


I can't wait to see where life will take me, 

Has in store for me. 

People, places, poetry, 

New Life maybe. 


I'm fine


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