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Some call him lazy and his wife calls him a jerk.His wife is very angry because he will not work.He won't get a job even though he's an able-bodied man.Her husband refuses to get a job even though he can.
Maaaannnn ... I don't give a fuck ... !!! People these days Like to ... Pass The Buck ... !!! Problems now appear cos' most live in fear ! but fears not my problem my position is clear !
Growing up always seems lightyears away No kid ever realizes that in reality, it is right around the corner and here to stay Acquiring independence tastes bittersweet As the changes a child faces are quite a feat
Growing up through life, The pressure to find a job is high. It feels like a cut from a knife When you don’t know where to spend the rest of your time.  
Dear People With Money, Attending college is tough when the world ain't as sunny.   I've learned people like you make my debt appear. And it's also you who brought me great fear.  
Black shoes click into the sterile office. The sound bounces off the walls and scatters around the room like rubber balls. I hear her before I see her. She sounds dark, official.
I walked below The neon lights. Dark sky flashed against the green of slavery. I puffed a cigar My jeans have holes My shoes are split like pistachios With my black socks
I've been looking for a place to plant my life. Maybe at a shop, or ship or bar? But not on a farm. For weeds at farms are pulled sight.
2016 started off great Plenty of money and plenty of cash If only I could see my future And how it would not last Falling for someone I thought was genuine Learning his tricks and then going back to him
Studyin' all day Gotta boost my GPA Get to work by five Concessions at the cinema dive Cleaned up the puke and condoms Found poop in a cup Reeking of popcorn when I hit the door
Half past 9, I start to arise. I'm ready for my day to begin, goodbye bed, my dear friend. Hustle and bustle through the hall, I fear I will never get a call. A call that says "Congratulations, you've got the job!"
I speak of 'I' as millions of voices calling for change. Every day, every week and every month, I expect to see the changes, Year by year, with promises of hope and unfulfilled dreams,
Satan told God that Job wouldn't praise him if his life wasn't so good.But Job proved the Devil wrong and it's not surprising that he could.God allowed Satan to take Job's children and wealth.
Go to pre-k to socialize Go to kindergarten to alphabetize Finish grade school to add, read, and write Start junior high to divide, swallow history, and accept the map
He saw the cloudsand took his umbrellaon his sleepy carousel liferound and roundup and downeighty floors highto eradicate his stack of papersbefore his noon expedition
I really need a job though I really need a good job There's nothing impossible for me But right now the only option the people like me is McDonalds Mexicans like me Colombians like me Cubans like me Peruvians like me Argentinians like me and some
Aye, it’s time for a recap Rapper Kristen in the house, Now let’s hit it!   Y’all take notes from my amigo Hayek. Say’s new law makes us more efficient
Growing up,  I wanted to fulfill my parents dreams. Be a doctor, become a suregon. I wanted all that and then some. I wanted to go into the military, and attach fallen limbs.
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
Look at me: You see an ordinay real person, A man of good wit and a little shy. Look within me:
I planned my sister's future today:   First, she needs to learn German. Nevermind that she's never shown an interest in languages  
The drum beat of a life.  Constant, unwavering.  The voice of a child. Small, helpless. The words of desperation.  A last stand, a final chance.  The cry for help.
We're all traveling down this road The road to our futures We all have different destinations, but we're all going somewhere or nowhere It's exciting to think about what we are traveling towards
"Don't Fail"Nat Delbecq, 2014   “Don’t fail.” Three words, two contracted
Why is so hard to educate yourself.
I've made goals I've worked hard
Laundry had to be done And there was something About some bill That I had to pay.   Thousands of dollars Spent and borrowed For a piece of paper that says I’m smart, I’m qualified.
He has no home she has no water he's cold she's hungry  
I’ve seen the promising become promise-less, helpless, useless   A straight A student taking a straight edge razor to prescription pills To heal the hell until she fell Drowning neck high in alcohol  
Education wasted Through blood, sweat, and tears they tasted Longed for the things we are handed on a silver platter And yet we neglect this precious gift as if it didn’t matter
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
I want out so badly. Mom, I know you’re proud of me, that I have not cried in front of you every time I see you since you told me my dream school is off the table. We can’t afford it.
I'm turning 25 this year, And with another passing day I fear, That I have nothing to show and my life is slipping away. I mean, I don't know what you've been told, But even at 20 I thought 25 was old,
im crafting my journey the way  from the dim  as the light is blind eye that i cant see  days seems oh so right can be the most beautiful fright  mind beyound measure but we dont remeber everything that happin last night
I think it's kind of
With so much going on in life, we forget the simple things.
A love of teaching is hard to find For some try in vain to fill the mind And others are bitter, aloof, and unkind And still others tire of the daily grind  
The scraps on the heap of the world are art. I just choose to make them my own and call it my creative side.   Reality bent for societies' eyes Stupid, smart Unsatisfactory, full
T  eaching is the job for me E  ducating teens with intensity A  ll the while instilling integrity
Ryan Summers            Politician         April 27, 2014 My niche is filled with chat of the upcoming elections And the debate with others who detest my views.  
Math flies in the air; we live with it. It complements us as nothing else does. There you are, there you go. And we are a whole.   A 4 year college career.
A thousand dollars.. I need a stack, a "G", in today's society if you want higher knowledge then you must pay a fee Corrupt visions in this government made my reality
I can admit that I'm not the same person as I was when I was young I feel my experiences have raised me  Shaped me, into the person I have become Through all the talent shows
People are dyingMothers are cryingI don't think I can survive itthe block is hot don't you hear the sirenscall 911 cuz they shooting again
All my life I just wanted to create I have always thought that to be a valuable trait   So here I am after nearly 18 years And I have finally found something to be after all the sweat and tears
If rebirth was an option, or reincarnation a possibility... I would be scared to be a human again.
My dream has no name,             it is still an uncreated concept,                                  one that I hope to create.   My dream embraces my passions,
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
If only I could Give you a life, One thats worth living, One without strife, I would. If only my job Became a career, Then we would live, Without fear, Of living like Uncle Bob.
One Job May Change my life  
We all want that one job. That is easy, stress free, but most of all makes us wealthy. We all want that one job,  That keeps us out of debt, we could spend whatever amount of money and still have some left.
My dream job is not  too popular, but one that completes me. To feed the poor, clothe the naked, share some water if need be.   It calls me when I see the homeless.   It calls me when I feel hungry.
      To read words, Is to take in a brand new world
I know I should be working I know that it's just "right" Not relying on welfare checks
I fight a battle, I fight a war To find a job that I adore. But it must pay well my mother shouts, But it must be growing my father pouts. How can I worry about such things When I can barely find the means
To Be a Animator-I have to focus on the body to the movtion of the wind from the sky to birds to a woman like me.  
There is only one job for me And that is to be whoever I want to be It shouldn't be all about money it shouldn't be a constant feeling of "love me"  doing the right thing should be the motivation
Hobby (noun) an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation
Give me time To change the world To blossom and fly To metamorphasis
Physical Therapy, is the art of any therapy I've always believed that one must love people Love medicine, love the body
An average jobWith an average payA comfortable settingThat’s my forte I want to workStay humble and healthyMeet someone, fall in loveAnd stay close to family
To every single thought, burning desireThat prevails in eachBoth the quiet and loud, sound of fireTo complete what has been born.
I sit in constant worry, wishing on a star. What I will I do that could change my life…forever? Will I make it that far? My mind is conflicted. Anxiety is consuming me.
You spend so much time living up to expectations. Isn't it about time to look beyond reputations? The future is near, now nearer than ever. I'm ready to grow up and finally be better,
Some people want to be billionares Or be on the cover of Forbes Magazine I want to help you take a breath of fresh air Give people sight who have never before seen, the wonders of our big, big world.   
For the greater good, for the information that the people need The people that work hard to find new technolgoies, tests, and cures that will heal the sick -   
I was just 19 when i finished highschool and didnt quite know if i could get into a good school. The ambition I have put me on a higher level then my peers making me realize that i can make it without having fears.
Teacher, teacher, taught me well, just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'. Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be, my dream job, my soon-to-be. Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,
There's something to be said about self-expression About everyone knowing who you are Without you having to tell them In a world where you are one Of 7 billion people It's easy to feel lost.
Boom. You're born. From nothing to something you are alive.  With your life ahead of you and Mom behind you, you breathe. Boom. You're eleven. You're almost done with elementary school. Climbing to the top.
Life is full of opportunites And it's up to me to take my chances. To give back and not only change my life, But change everyone who advances. Because life isn't always easy.
My Words The space before me is blank Bound by nothing but the edge of the page. Skilled fingers move the pencil across the page Leaving a trail of grey marks, By magic they connect together
I dont have a dream, i have a reality i wont let it be taken away from me because you found some fucking technicality My grades arent perfect, this i'll will admit but ill work my ass off to make the puzzle fit
Exhausted Working forty hour weeks At a job you don’t belong Nobody appreciative of your efforts  
Dreams What do they mean? Are they really just the end goal? Or unrealistic fantasies One my dream of fam or fortune And what a wonderful dream that is But I? I dream to make a difference
If you may ask many already know I want to be an anesthesiologist to help myself gain power and grow   but there is more to life than power and money but to support a possible family
What is a Job? a place to learn? a place to grow?    What is a Job? to pass time? to pay back something you owe?   If one must ask, and im sure you are curious,
My future In my mind, my future is filled with success In my mind, my future is not filled with disappointment But, that is simply impossible  The future is unpredictable   
One job can shift me into a better being helping the blind see or give a nerveless woman feeling
A simple job, low pay I'd make my career and some day change the world how you say? a simple idea spread to lighten their minds from that dull grey spreading knowledge with art
ONE day you'll dream a dream
a job will make you money, but a career is about a dream. jobs will take you far though, and show what your career really means.   a job isn't about the salary or about power or looking good;
What is your job? Is it something you dread? Fear? Hate? It shouldn't be.   What should your job be? Your job should be something you enjoy Love. Anticipate.
staring at the clouds, drifting in the sky, i wonder if they look down at us; at our shapes.
Four years of college Four years of math Four years of science in every science class General speaking which I hate the most But when it comes to English i always take the gold
A job can change your life Just a single one Where you flip enough burgers to pay for school Or scrub enough counters to buy a car But a job will change more lives than just yours
My parents said my desired career was not fit for this world. They said I will not make enough money to live. I want to change the world. I want to BE somebody. Do they not understand?
The child wanted to be an artist until she saw one with talent. The child wanted to be a teacher, but her slight lack of patience would destroy her.
A dentist I want to be. A dream that I want to meet. Hard journey it is. But is all for me. Is only one job. It going to be known. Ill do my best. To be up there. I want to suceed.
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
I dream of flying not in the sky, but in the way that a dream soaring far above our heads can lift our feet into the air. I dream of meaning something. Not to myself
Thousands of us sprout out of editing software and Iphone cameras every year Every Year with aspirations of L.A. back lots and walls lined with Oscars
One job may change my life What a crazy concept I'll come home every night Knowing I've made an impact I dream to encourage others I want them to be able to talk to someone before making irrational choices
Some have dreams, others have visions. It's all about setting up your goals with percision.  Born, one day, sitting in an old classroom the next.  But, you know, you won't be like the rest. 
Dreams of my future All contain fuzzy pictures of my goal. Perhaps I’ll heal wounds by sewing sutures Or checking vitals and removing cancerous moles. No one category is completely chosen
There are two worlds in the World that God created. One is that people that can hear and hurt  and the other is people  that can't hear  My Number one dream Job would be to connect these to world.
My feet take me wherever I go, my feet take me far. I have Deep Deep pains, large bruises, and scars. So wherever I go, I know my feet will take me, Job of dreams, smiles and glee.
A job equals money Ain't it funny? But there goes your time An asset most prime. Don't want to sit behind a desktop When my body wants to shoo-bop A job like the Grease greasers
Everyone is sun burnt and extremely tired, But we have to make sure the next act is on fire.   Yes, they are just performers on stage, Simply letting go of their built up rage.
These words I'm spilling may not be quite clear, a job is not a career. Let us not strife, but a job cannot change my life.   To see your reflection and see success, must be the best.
I dream it I breathe it I feel it I want to be it Success  
Ive always had such a passion for little kids seeing them running around and laughing. The joy of them has always put a smile on my face their smiles make me feel a warm fuzzy feeling.
A great man said once “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.” Many people have many dreams, and many dreams are to serve others. I am selfish. I wish to be served.
This job will not only change my life. It will change the world. Words can stab like a knife But without them would anything change? In a world so corupt  With problems that can widely range
Run that extra mile, Pick up those and move them to that pile. Keep up that pace, The goal of this is to finish your race! You look tired, you seem sore But you have to keep giving it more.
Potential is what I see when I look in in the mirror staring at me. Thousands of ways to help the world... But will I be so ever bold? To work one of my destined careers, That helps both of Earth's hemispheres?
That little Uganda boy Tripping, falling over glass Decay and forgotten objects linger When does it stop? When do the bruises cease, And absent peace subside from the mind of that little Uganda boy
I am the dreamer of a million things  the one who believes in all those nostalgic childhood dreams  as time grows, so does the concept of doubt constantly looming, 
Walking down the street Suddenly life changed I thought to myself “I gotta stop being so disengaged, It’s time to take control of my own life, Be the man I want and end my strife”  
When asked what I want to be 20 years from now
A rush of iced ocean beneath my feet, Whirr of the helicopter in time with my heart beat. Clad in orange, and goggles too,
Author's note: While Power Poetry covers a multitude of causes, I've noticed that there are two in particular that are largely avoided--elder care and death.
You stand up there, teaching us this crap How will it apply and when will I use that can’t I pick my own classes? Go to class when I want Whys the government control us, I wish I could change that  
  Birth a lottery, potential of life. First glance, our ruler, now starting this strife. Building foundation, brightest epoch, earth schemes, First lessons roaring, rise above our drowned screams. Obey.
I wish the lottery and raises wouldn't bring as much joy as they do. I wish your happiness and satisfaction with life didn't depend on the amount of money you had.
Society expects you to do anything and everything. Society expects you to ave high marks in your academics. Society expects you to go to college. Society expects you to have a job.
Need experience to get a job Need a job to get experience   Need a job to pay for college Need a college diploma to get a decent job   Only borrow as much as you can pay back a.k.a.
Begin wake up at five then take a drive flip a switch and try not to bitch fill the cups with ice then try to smile and be nice take the tips of quarters and dimes
I wanted to reach the moon. They laughed and said I was a dreamer. I wanted to dive to the depths of the sea. They laughed and called me a fool. I wanted to sail around the world.
They smile and they giggle And the back is filled with bumps. His hands on the the wheels and each turn is smooth as silk. It weaves a brilliant spiderweb Through the mornings, after school.
I am mommy I am sister I am BFF I am your snuggles And your cuddles I am the best The best maker Of food and crafts And fun The best everything Of anything For everyone
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