How A Job Will Affect My Life


All my life I just wanted to create
I have always thought that to be a valuable trait
So here I am after nearly 18 years
And I have finally found something to be after all the sweat and tears
What I want to do with my life is design
It has always been a passion of mine
There are many things involved to reach this goal
But I believe the outcomes are good for the soul
I’ll need the education, and with that I will struggle
I don’t have much support, so that is just one more thing to juggle
But I know if I keep moving and don’t lose all hope 
Then eventually I can live and not just cope
I’ll have roadblocks all around, outside and personal
My biggest concern are the ones that are internal
I am no stranger to self-deprecation
I can assure you, it is not a pleasant sensation
But no matter what, I have to keep moving on
Because one day, I will be happy before I am gone


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