The Thin Blue Line

The drum beat of a life. 
Constant, unwavering. 
The voice of a child.
Small, helpless.
The words of desperation. 
A last stand, a final chance. 
The cry for help.
A desperate plea, a call for heroes. 
And how can one say no? Say no to those big eyes, helpless but not innocent. 
How can one say no to that kid who has been pushed around, treated like dirt? 
How can one live their lives knowing that there are drugs out there? Killers?
Life is rarely easy, rarely simple. There is a moment in everyone's life where you just need someone there. 
But who is there when there is no one left who cares? 
Heroes who wear, not capes, but vests. 
Heroes who are armed not with powers, but with words and if necessary, guns. 
Heroes who are not always loved, but always care anyway.
And one day- one day-I will stand among them. 
One day, I will strap a gun to my belt, clip a badge to my shirt and save people. 
I will be out there, taking guns off the streets, drugs from their dealers and jobs from the killers. 
One day, I will be able to protect my family and my country the way my dad did. 
One day, I'll join the team. 
I'll be a hero. 


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