spreading smiles


With so much going on in life, we forget the simple things.
We focus on our 9-to-5's each day; our weekends are simply for recovery.
All of the work we do seems merely to make ends meet.
Where are the days made to remind us of that life brings?

With all the pain each individual has suffered and gone through,
We must take the iniative to allot for time to be happy.
All our lives are filled with what we must do,
Where is the time for us to enjoy it all and experience love that is true?

With that specialized time,
We may finally feel smiles reach across our faces.
All of our stressers and worriers can be underrestraint, it will be the time
Where we take time away from our jobs and set-responsibilities,
And make our happiness and the feelings of joy most important,
And simply of our smiles spreading across our faces will be more riches than any job could bring.


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