One Job


One job may change my life

What a crazy concept

I'll come home every night

Knowing I've made an impact

I dream to encourage others

I want them to be able to talk to someone before making irrational choices

You see I struggled severely with depression and lonlieness

I nearly ended it a time or two

I want to be a counsel

Someone who can actually relate to what people have been through

I want to come home every day knowing that someone will be okay because of me

I want to inject people's lives with positivity

As cliche as it sounds I want to make the world a better place

I want people to know that hopelessness doesn't have to be an option

Encourage others to put down that blade and talk about their hurt

I'm tired of people with potential being buried six feet under dirt

I want to be a light in the dark to people who think they are blind

I want to lift people out of the wreckage when they feel completely buried

Just one job would change my life

Give me a sense of purpose

One job would change my life

And make others feel MORE than worthless


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