Boom. You're born.

From nothing to something you are alive. 

With your life ahead of you and Mom behind you, you breathe.

Boom. You're eleven.

You're almost done with elementary school. Climbing to the top.

With Junior High ahead of you and babies behind you, you stand.

Boom. You're a senior in highschool. You're about to jump into lifes' pool head first.

With requirements behind you and open roads in front of you, you're scared.

There are so many options in front of you, which one do you choose?

Do you choose to snooze and lose your dreams? 

Do you strive to survive and dive in?

You may fail. You may fall. You may stumble and crawl. But, all in all, you'll prevail.

People may push you. You may land hard on your face but don't stop trying. You will get to the top of that mountain.

Boom. You're graduating college. You have made it to the top. 

WIth your hardships behind you and your future ahead of you, you live.

Your job? Happiness. As long as you are happy you can change the lives of so many others. 

The education to become childs psychologist may have been tough, the road worn, and the path rough.

But-you've made it. So why worry?


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