A Job


A job can change your life

Just a single one

Where you flip enough burgers to pay for school

Or scrub enough counters to buy a car

But a job will change more lives than just yours

A job changes the life of everyone it touches

Because if you scrub all of those counters

Give it the best that you can

You prevent the spread of disease

And save a life

Because if you flip all of those burgers

Ronald McDonald can open another scholarship fund

Or donate more to charity

So kids like us can go to college

A job changes lives because it helps you get a degree

And that degree gets you a better job

Where you can touch even more lives

A job changes lives 

Because every doctor started where you are today

So did every engineer

Every mechanic

The astronauts

The teachers

The famous chef

The president

We all came from the same place

And hit the same bumps along the way

And every job you get

Helps another person get over a bump in their life

While you get over yours


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