I really need a job though I really need a good job There's nothing impossible for me But right now the only option the people like me is McDonalds Mexicans like me Colombians like me Cubans like me Peruvians like me Argentinians like me and some Spanish like me Working in a restaurant they say is our destiny to do Some being Americans Some not being Americans Why don't you get a better job the Americans says every day When we have been cleaning up the floors Cooking listening to the rudest managers Some people complain what they already have I demand for a good social security that I need to have Living in a crazy world I know the difference of the school and the job What is to live in peace and in a country without house Humble People like me need a good social to have a good job To publish a book in the internet To pay taxes But we do pay them And without this we still work We still search the way to get jobs We still go to get the job We still got the job How can we get a solution for this? And we still need the job For ourselves For our families For the need of some other people we could help sometimes For our sickness For our health For our souls For knowledge and love We are able to work Where is the job without impediments of a good social When I still pay my taxes If I was born ready Where's the job?

-Jonatan Vega

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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