I Want To Be A Friend


staring at the clouds, drifting in the sky,

i wonder if they look down at us;

at our shapes.

i wonder what i look like to them;

am i a doctor?

am i a farmer?

am i a teacher?


i sat up in the grass

and wondered what i looked like to me.

i wondered what i would be.


as i thought about it more and more,

i began to get nervous.

nothing was coming to mind.

for all i knew, i could become a mime.

i could be a grocer,

i could be a vet,

i could do anyhting, i bet.


a feild of choices surrounded me.

each one of them had their perks,

but when i squeezed my eyes shut real tight,

all of those choices dispersed.


when i grow up,

i want to be happy

and i want to spread it around

like butter on bread.

when im an adult,

nothing will be crappy.

ill wake up in the morning

and ill want to get out of bed.


my job in life

will be to gift every person i find

with a little peice of happiness

from my mind.

i want to be a smile,

a helping hand.

i want to be a writer,

i want to be a friend. 



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