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That sounds like it nears the Land ofImposible. It's not that I can't write-most people have impaired eyes that make it
College leads to wealth and success in the future That’s what they tell you But for my future All I see, is debt Accruing, accruing until there’s nothing left “Oh but there’s scholarships, and grants too”
My mind Is an exploding world of trips and triggers A field Of mines and trenches, warring colors And emotions. Motion blurs and lines, and ideas! But YOU tell me my mind is a hole
to say who I am feels like betrayal, for I’m never the same person twice   and oh how lovely it is to know I’m never who I was before   and for each
Once upon a time I was living so carefree,
Transcript......Check Letters of Recommendation.....Check Application.....Check Finances.....Check Acceptance.....Check Happiness.....Pending
I can relate to those who do not consider themselves' a morning person,
Live on your knees or die on your feet; Abandon your liver or devour your lungs. Love none and have none to love back so will you Die on your knees or live on your feet?
But who's going to love meyou only write once So make these words count but When all tears are wiped awaywhen all the scars are fadingwhen the wounds are healing  You only write once
I shudder as my foot is shaken from the sweet dreams I endured as I slept  A beautiful, peaceful, loving Mexican American girl waking up to her hardworking father’s sweet words “Wake up Baby”
This is her prison cell These walls are her hell, Making her go crazy, Telling her maybe, This life of bitterness,
I have nine scars on my hand I am a hard working man Or at least i thought Until I met that girl named Jazz She work two jobs and go to class Party's hard and never crash
Starting a new chapter every morning  of my life   I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity    MY LIFE!      I walk on thin ice made of doubt...
You only write once that's what they say,
I get a lot more than i give So many broken promises Piled next to the bible on my night stand Its getting hard to live When i fall every time i stand So I'd rather crawl to God's right hand I can
Once they said I couldn't do it I believed They said I was a mistake and I wouldn't achieve   Are you serious? Why shouldn't I believe Haha listen I will never back down
School and Prision They're one and the same They change people's minds one day at a time School and prison There is no real difference They both make people want to escape reality  
So much rage, we don't know how to be but angry So much pain, we pry, "please don't let anyone change me!" In a sea full of people The church steeples Rises... The Hawaiian flag lowered
I scream for life to hear me, Waiting for my dreams to become reality, I just want to be heard,
My life has been moldedby the world of 15 minute increment agendasand 150 character updates by the second.
 She cries into the nightAs she heads for the skyHer face is full of PainShe has nothing to gain. She cries herself to sleep
I am from the ancient foreign lands of Misawa, Japan Of the culture that flow haikus embraces the elegance of nature chime, Born of Mary and Mike who raise me to be an American dime. I am from grip tapes and paints,
Oh no!  Not now that it's so late... There's so much catching up to do. How exhausting! What a mess!  How will we ever fix it all? And Life says, "Only where entropy exists, do we, too."
Head dropped, eyes drawn to the ground A little boy too afraid to make a sound Blood colors his swollen eye But still his cheeks remain dry   Laughs echo down the hall Worsening his never ending fall
It was 8th grade, I hope this memory will soon fade. One word. A shot in the dark— Yeah, I’d say you left a mark. Like a bullet piercing through all I ever knew. If only you even had a clue.
The bright ominous light as you leave the warmth and comfort of your mother’s womb You are spanked as if a reminder you are now a part of society Society A strange place isn’t it? – Yes?
See, I'm not really sure what to say. 
    Bringing among us the most unpredictable sensations,
Thank you. No, really, thank all of you. In this society with it's walls of condemnation, For those of us who aren't as great as the best of you,
My cousin Amber My cousin was Beautiful My cousin was funny My cousin was young My cousin was the best My cousin can't be replaced My cousin is gone forever My cousin was the one and only
Let's all admit: Reality is boring What I don't get Is why life is so corny? We spend everyday The exact same way Either being a bum Or working away That's not me
Happiness is a virtous gift Life of how we want to live to breathe and act  with a sense of joy and happiness although times change feelings move swiftly with the wind bring me back to that day
Corn field
A thousand times I've pictured myself walking across that stage; Eyes filled with tears and a smile glistening with pride.
I woke up today Feelings were obscured My tears have not found a way Out, now I feel void of emotion I feel empty and blank
Where will they be when you need them the most... Where will anyone be when you desire companionship to feel remotely close to another being. The only voice you will find in the silence
A girl is dreaming bout the day she won't wake up screaming How can she feel like drowning while everyone else is beaming? Perfect family, perfect body, they're all cheating
So me and my statistics teacher have this thing where I ask  something, and he gives me a sarcastic answer. Yeah, it's not funny. "Hey Mr.Jones, can I use the bathroom?" Whatever makes you happy Treasure.
Welfare! Welfare! Give me Welfare! Child one, two,  three!-that's three thousand dollars for me! I'll sit at home and watch TV Forget my children and let them be I seem so sad What I'm doing is so bad
An idea pops into your head. It roams around speaking of great dreams, they seem real. Every time those eyes close, the darkness comes, that life comes to life.
Memories are all so vivid for me
All I hear is speaking in a monotone voice, sitting here with my elbows crossed 'cause I have no choice. My summer days were filled with sunshine and carefree living, while sitting in this classroom gives me a chilling.
Sometimes its like I have no idea what
They say that this is how my body should look My hips, like this My breasts, like that My legs can’t be too thin or too thick, My stomach should be flat, and my bottom round  
Society has told her she is fat. But, she is beautiful. She is only average, her teacher said that. But, she is a genius. Her peers think that she has no friends.
Never have I seen such great perfectionThe only thing I need is your affection.That smile of yours "could end wars and cure cancer"To all my worries you're the answer.
You called me baby I melted like snow in April sunlight consumed by your blue eyes you captured my arms pushed me down as  I screamed no But you covered my mouth as you called me baby 
I'll always remember a cold snowy morning in December. I awoke before seven and ran down stairs and sat by the pine tree.
In the absence of a father she's naive.Subject to believe anything that a man says.Subject to looking for love in all of the wrong places.Subject to giving her love, in more ways than one, too soon.
I never knew love could make you do crazy things until I met this boy,
life. life is a chanllage everyone must face. some good some bad. life can change in an instant. life can go both ways wether you want it to or not.  life at times can be a bit of a mystery.
When you spend your life with someone You gain a special feeling of respect. That feeling is what I’ve found in you
Some things happen that I can’t explain.
I am from the Rockies moutain, from tall buildings to small houses, I am from the branch of Carmen and Clemente, from glue and paste to crayons and markers, I am the Jaquez blood i carry,
I really hate poetry, but I do like haikus. What was I saying?
As I walk through the hallways everyday, I am completely surrounded. I am overwhelmed by a sea of strange people and faces, Though some are familiar, I always have nothing to say.  
Life is like a girl with mood Swings you love her but sometimes you hate her  She is sweet and warm But at times she can be as cold as a winters breeze She is full of mysteries that you can explore 
Little girl don’t listen to that mean voice, little girl suicide isn’t the only choice. Little girl
I’ve spent so much of my life trying to conform to what others want me to be. To the stereotypes, the expectations, the judgments. And at the end of the day,
once upon a time I liked to press my fingers into the sides of my neck because it helped keep me quiet when I heard all the bad trying to sneak into my brain but as I grew and grew
Bananas are like a summers moon soft, yet bright, colorful and  delicate. They are edible boomerangs. A magnificent fruit inside a single peel. Its peel is its
Vague expressions,
High school has taught me lessons Both small and significant I have met people like myself Hopefully one day I'll benefit I've networked and networked, trying to find the help that I need
I am from being enclosed aloneFrom lying in bed listening to musicFrom light shining in my mirrorFrom wanting peace and quiet to readI am from home where I like to be alone
  Words. Words have power. Words can build you up, Up, higher, higher, Till you feel as if You are in the stars. But words can also Pull you down, pulling You down so deep, that
“Conform to be like me,” they say, “You have no necessary need to be like you.” “There is no better way to play, Than the wondrous way I do.”   But what if I want to be dangerously diverse,
Have you ever looked up and seen the sky blood red? Turned to look at your best friend to find cuts up and down every inch of his body, deep and screaming. Never ending.  His lips pale white, his finger black and dripping; the bright green that on
You've got me pacing back and forthYou've got me doubting what I'm worthThis is it now, I'm all throughI'm living my life and it's not for you
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