A Thousand Times


A thousand times I've pictured myself walking across that stage;

Eyes filled with tears and a smile glistening with pride.

As I reach for my diploma all I can do is cry.

As my mind rewinds back through the history of time all I can hear are my ancestors.

The sound of a whip cracking

All she wanted to do was learn how to read;

And it was for that her master made her bleed.

A thousand times I've pictured myself walking across that stage,

And still all I hear are their tears crashing against their bodies as their feet meet the ground; 

On this trail that they walk,

Called the trail of tears.

A thousand times I've pictured myself walking across that stage,

And then I find myself whispering these names,





Because they will NEVER have the opportunity to walk across that stage.

Violence took the lives of Trayvon, Hadia, and Spencer.

Isaiah was just too tired olf fighting so he took his own life.

As I extend my hand to receive my diploma I think of them.

I think of every person who fought for me to have this right.

So when that day in June comes that diploma will not only read my name;

But the names of everyone who didn't have the opportunity to have a diploma,

Their names will be etched into mine.

Because it is for them that I take pride in this accomplishment.

This diploma I dedicate to them.

Every degree that I will obtain is for every tear that was shed,

For every palm that was turned red,

For every protest held.

My success I dedicate to you. 




The ending  is my  favorite part of this particular poem because I know that I am going to accomplish my dreams some day. I appreciate the fact that so many people paved the way for me to have the opportunity to be educated and I will help pave the way for someone else to have more oppoortunites than I have. 

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