Gods Test


I never knew love could make you do crazy things until I met this boy,

lets call him... not by his name. 

He was a college student, just like me,

sold drugs on the side to pay for his college fees. 

All I wanted was for him to love me not knowing in the process he would bring out the worst in me.

A lost boy getting high off of his own product and all I wanted was to be just like him.

I mean lets call it what it was we was getting high every night off of every type of drug...

Coke, mollys, weed, lean. Doing unimaginable acts acting like rutheless human beings

no one knew what went on behind our scenes.

Until one night a simple argument turned my whole world black.

Waking up the next day to apologies back to back. But I always went back. And than we got high...

so high it was crazy blue like St. elmos fire.

I loved it.

When im high I cant. feel. a thing.

His hands try to hurt me but it feels more like angels wings.

His words try to put me down but baby im already down.

I was down before you met me.

And whenever he says take it i'll drop down to my knees...

Its like he had a spell on me.

And one night he got so high he reached his death... And as I stared down looking at Gods test,

As i was contemplating my last breath...

I realized in the words of Lauryn Hill... No man is ever worth the paradise manifest.




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