Where I am From

I am from the ancient foreign lands of Misawa, Japan

Of the culture that flow haikus embraces the elegance of nature chime,

Born of Mary and Mike who raise me to be an American dime.

I am from grip tapes and paints,

Artistic cultures and diverse music,

Weekend beach trips and spontaneous skate sessions.

I am from the effervescent ocean at heart,

the salty alluring sea,

the deep transparent blue that captivates me,

Sublime summer times and jam packed music drives.

I am from in class day dreams,

always sketching my emotions ,

reminiscing on future aspirations.

I am from good morals and creative minds,

sleeves of tattoos and body piercings surround me half the time,

from strong family roots,

"To always trust your guts",

We are a blend of the best and worst of luck.

From hidden talents,

dancing and prancing around,,

all over my long board and in front of crowds,

I am from my inner child.

Lively adventures and pain deep in your rib cage laughter,

of bright pearly whites and tears of joy,

from hair pulling and toy tug of wars

and lassoing up the hooligans.

I am from giggling with my other half,

creating silly scenarios,

and back yard barbeques and midnight movies,

I am from establishing and remembering the snap shot moments that life has to offer.



I liked that it was open to any topic and that we were free to say anything we felt.

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