Financial "Aid"


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United States
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College leads to wealth and success in the future

That’s what they tell you

But for my future

All I see, is debt

Accruing, accruing until there’s nothing left

“Oh but there’s scholarships, and grants too”

Yeah for the braniacs, that have aced everything since they came out the womb

And the athletes, who will let universities exploit them in exchange for a degree

And the poor who are used to diversify to a universities need.


But what about the middle child?

The one financial aid always forgets

Like a neglectful mother

The kid who wasn’t so good in sports

The kid who did OK in most of their classes

the kid whose parents make too much money to be in financial need


Well if that’s the case why are we still struggling?

Why is my mom contemplating getting a second job?

Why does my little sister have to stop dancing?

Because we can’t afford the dues

Due to my pursuit of a higher education

Why am I drowning in debt from loans the almighty FASFA has blessed me with?

With not even a chance of a scholarship or work-study


I think maybe we need to take a second look at what we define as “financial need”

Cause $70,000 a year isn’t a lot when you need it for a family of 6

Bills, and a mortgage, and car notes, and insurance,

And a daughter who needs 10,000 a year to keep herself afloat.



I identify with this, very much so. Thanks for speaking out.

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