Silly Girl Problems #YOWO

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 22:41 -- lucky8

A girl is dreaming bout the day she won't wake up screaming

How can she feel like drowning while everyone else is beaming?

Perfect family, perfect body, they're all cheating

Changing seasons, a boy gives greetings, he is sleezing

He gets in her pants, unplanned, and she gives in

Other girls do this right? So why should she not?

Besides, she figures that she likes him a lot

But inside it feels like she's starting to rot

Maybe cause then he never calls her back

How could she think that he'd ever like her like that?

Now all her emotions are all out of whack

The worst is that she knew exactly what he'd do

But she figured that she had nothing to lose

"I won't get attached" and "I don't like him like that"

One thing you learn is the people you love, you can't choose

And now you're sitting here and you're just so confused

How could this ever happen to you?

You're so smart and you're gonna go far

So how the hell did you end up in that fools car

Silly girl problems may seem petty

But they pack a punch, especially if she wasn't ready

Now she knows that life is just a show

And you gotta watch out for the actors that blow

So go slow and be careful cause you only live once

And if you live life in regret, well, that's just no fun.


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