My Life- The Devils Playground



Wow! What a day?

Nothing happened today

Is what I wish I could say

But that will never be true

The Devil’s work will never be through

Another obstacle to cross

Another dream shut down: lost

Another goal out of reach

My life’s troubles are at its peak

When will my pain and suffering fade?

When will my troubles go away?

I guess I have to roll with the punches

My life is an ongoing fight

Right cuff, left jab, duck, step back

This is me fighting with all my might

When will the bell sound

Declaring the end of this drawn out round

Once this round is over another will begin

Why do I wish upon the bell?

When all it is, is a water break

A water break for the Devil in Hell

Forget it, I believe the Devil walks this Earth

Constantly pestering me

Choosing me specifically to devour and hurt

What did I do to deserve this?

I know we all sinned

But I asked God for forgiveness

Even though I relapsed, and did it again

Is this God punishing me for the wrongs I condemned?

But what about my good deeds,

Or did he just over look them?

Since God won’t grant my good doings

One good day

Then forget my faith, I’ll refuse to pray

Pray to a Gad my brother so nobly believes in

Pray to a God that claims to forgive sins

…Look at me now, God is whom I blame

something’s wrong with me, I need to change

I brought religion into this, so I know I’m fed up

This pain is influencing me to give up

Damn when will this bell sound?

Ding Ding, round 1 is over… Gulp Gulp

The Devil is working another round


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