An Unrequited Revelation



Is there such a thing as God?
Or a higher power that calls on us from beyond?
Our personal experiences blind us from faith.
Making us afraid of something we say we hate. 
But in the end, is He what controls our fate?

This feeling is one I cannot shake. 
I also feel as though this train has come by later than it should have.
My mind is now walking through another endless hallway. 
Recalculating everything it's ever known.
Without these notions, how could I have ever grown?

My personal beliefs were ingrained deep inside my blood.
And when difference was presented, I was the first to bail.
My beliefs were right, they were strong, they wouldn't fail. 
But now I'm rethinking everything.
I never knew I'd have such a feeling.

So if there is something out there, like Him. 
Who could save us all, strip of us sin. 
Could my faith of belief and life be restored? 
My ignorance to the fact has been thrown out onto the floor. 
And my bigotism has fled through the door.

As I write these words, my skin dances with delight.
Thoughts of the unknown, and questions of eternal justification.
Has been brought to my attention with much elation. 
My life has just turned towards a new, faithful revelation.
An Athiest's hesitation of a much minded sensation.


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