The Only Voice to Start a Chain Reaction

Where will they be when you need them the most...

Where will anyone be when you desire companionship to feel remotely close to another being.

The only voice you will find in the silence

and lonliness is your own, screaming out find something

to attach to before you blow away in the wind.

We all need something to keep us grounded

someone to give us a reason to stay right where we are.

 One day you'l get lucky and find

someone willing to follow and enjoy in your adventures.

Better yet, they'll create even more expeditions to go on

and more places and new memories to discover.

Where will you be when the light's turned out, and

no one's there to wish you goodnight?

Alone and cold, full of fright

listening to the same scornful words on

replay spoken by your worst enemy, yourself.


One day we'll all learn to lay that pessimistic voice to rest, and let one's

real beautiful soul come bursting forth.

So much light gowing from within

all will feel your personality's new warmth.

 A radiant smile will inspire others to start a chain reaction.

A drop of joy in th sea of doubt will cause a ripple effect upon nations.

Let's break boundaries and bond to the highest goals.

Bend all the rules until people wonder what we're about ;)



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