You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam


Have you ever looked up and seen the sky blood red? Turned to look at your best friend to find cuts up and down every inch of his body, deep and screaming. Never ending.  His lips pale white, his finger black and dripping; the bright green that once danced through his eyes creeping into a soulless grey?  With his last breath did you find the fear that he had slip silently into your heart and begin to tear you down moment by moment? Did you feel the foundation around you shake and start to crumble?  Watching as your eyes fade from dark and full to dull and bland?  Slowly slipping into a reality where no one else exists and you're all alone?  The sound of your heart beat can be heard and it's racing to a sputtering halt? The breath that bounced through your body, stagger in and out of your lungs? Are the years getting harder? The tears flowing heavier? In the blink of an eye, I watched it all unfold. My best friend and love of my life fade into nothing. The years have passed and the pain still remains.


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