A Generation in a Rush


United States

I can relate to those who do not consider themselves' a morning person,

Being a senior in high school my tolerance of 6 am alarms seem to worsen,

Though everyday I am thankful that I get to open my eyes,

Despite what my mother might say I honestly am not telling lies.

When I arrive to school I can feel the misery of myself and my classmates,

When the teachers attempt to present their lesson the students lock their participation in crates,

I only wish to make us all see the obvious truth,

That in only 6 months we will be expected to transition from our youth.

My grandfather used to preach that he once went to sleep seventeen and woke up eighty-three,

If life is so short then why are people my age crying "boo-hoo" and "poor me?"

Social Media sites pursue this behavior of dreading to be educated and wanting to drink,

But I would be a liar if I said that I would rather read Shakespeare than sleep all day,

I think.

Every generation is excited to take the next step in life that is not death,

 I just cannot comprehend that we all groan as if nothing is worse than reading Macbeth.

Why can't everyone sit back and be grateful that we receive an education five days a week?

Many of us run away to Twitter to express their feelings rather than speak.

Before you all try and rush to your graduation,

Remember that you are only this age once and your tweets will not help you choose a vocation.

After I submit this poem I promise to be in agreement,

The rest of my teenage years will not be filled with misery but seeing the good in every achievement.



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