Forever Young

The bright ominous light as you leave the warmth and comfort of your mother’s womb

You are spanked as if a reminder you are now a part of society


A strange place isn’t it? – Yes?

Dangerous, mysterious, deceiving yet still wonderful

Anyways, your parents take you home after a few days

Your parents are your source of life

Without them, during your first five years of life

You die;

Internally and sometimes externally

Your parents are the key to your destiny

To whom you are destined to become

They shape you with their knowledge

From past experiences and people that have nurtured them before

Their efforts to skew us away from what we want is successful

Until we learn to think for ourselves

We as children are curious creatures, natural born adventurers

Searching for the answers of unanswered questions

Sadly enough, our parents’ hope

 For us to follow the path given to us by them, diminishes

Lost in a deep abyss of pure despair

Where no light ever escapes and regret lingers in every crevice

Our parents long for our return to our infantile years

Of ignorance

To be ignorant is a gift

Our virtue is none other than to please our parents and follow their every command

They are our saviors yet we disobey them to lead a new life

Apart from theirs

Their heart is torn into pieces

But they are okay with it

They know that at some point in our lives we must venture off to have

Experiences of your own

So as we learn to grow on our own

We learn that life isn’t like all of those fables we are taught

It’s too late to turn back

Life is disguised with all these fairytales

To later realize our world’s sad reality

It’s hard

It’s tantalizing

It makes your head numb and causes you to break out

Your conscience knows what it wants

But there seems to be so many obstacles

So many obstacles standing in your way -

It’s as if your dream job awaits you just outside a box

Made out of unbreakable adhesive attached to bricks

With walls 1000 feet high

And without a ladder -

Do this, do that, don’t forget about this

So many enigmas but so little people determined to solve them

When we are given these puzzles thrown at us at random

We start to see all of our childhood crumble into small pieces

Maybe the size of an atom

Or smaller

We start to see what our parents have been trying to hide us from

To procure us and mold us into people who don’t care about

The troubles of the world

People who aren’t fearful and doubtful of their substantial ability to be wonderful

People who are proud of who they are and what they stand for

There are only a few of us who ever make it over that 1000 foot box

The rest of us live inside of this tremendous box


Squandering our ambitions on tasks we care very little about

But in our minds

We shall be forever young

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I worked really hard on this poem and hopefully it touches people in a very positive way!!!

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