So me and my statistics teacher have this thing where I ask  something, and he gives me a sarcastic answer. Yeah, it's not funny.

"Hey Mr.Jones, can I use the bathroom?"

Whatever makes you happy Treasure.

"Hey Mr.Jones here's a pass I had a mandatory Homecoming Chair Meeting."

Everyone has their priorities Treasure.

"Oh, Mr. Jones could you repeat that please? I still don't know how you got to that number."

Don't you know anything Treasure?

Well I do.

I know im a 17 year old girl from The Bronx, New York living in Greenwich, Connecticut.

I know I have really long extensions and frequently get my hair braided a different length and style.

I know I am the product of a single parent home.

I know I have two jobs, from which I use the income to help my mother out at home.

I know I am naturally loud and get easily agitated.

I know I am friends with the proud owners of an audi, jaguar, and bmw but my mother drives a ford.

I know I seem to be the only chocolate chip in the cookie of Greenwich High School.

I know I am the statistic. 
What do you know Mr. Jones?


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