On The Verge

Sometimes its like I have no idea what

my next move is

I hardly smile anymore

Theres this clown in front of my face everytime

Do people really see me? I dont

think so

God has taken me from mistakes

one after another

But some have brought me

to the edge. Judgement day gets closer

and closer everyday

But i already feel judged by the

people here on earth

I battle myself everday

with the pain of tommorrow

on my shoulder. This cliff

Im at just keeps

tipping and me on the verge of

falling to my unexpected.

People i thought knew me... apparently didnt.

People i thought would still

be here sadly,

left here to face it all on my own.




Being a teenager is very hard and we always got to take it one day at a time.


knowing that it came from my heart and letting out my feelings

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