When you spend your life with someone

You gain a special feeling of respect.

That feeling is what I’ve found in you

And your feelings are something I’ll never neglect.


You’ve been my friend, father, and grandfather,

And you were the happiest part of my childhood.

You’re a very special person to me,

And I’d give you the world if I could.


You would take me by my hand,

And my face would light up with a smile.

Off we’d go – destination unknown,

Only our happiness seemed worthwhile.


When you look at your granddaughter today,

You can still see the pride

Of me and you, Pop,

Walking hand in hand, side by side.


I’m still the chubby little girl

Looking for a candy shop,

And you’re still the loving man

With the giving heart that has yet to stop.


And still, you're my Pop.




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