I Look Like Me


They say that this is how my body should look

My hips, like this

My breasts, like that

My legs can’t be too thin or too thick,

My stomach should be flat, and my bottom round


They say I should look airbrushed and perfect

No blemish, no scar, no undesired beauty mark

My skin toned and tan

And my cheekbones just so


But my body doesn’t look like that

My hips are not like that, and my breast aren’t either

My legs are long and thin, but they jiggle just a bit

My stomach isn’t flat, but my bottom kind of is


It takes more makeup than I care to use to cover my blemishes

My nose is slightly freckled, and I have beauty marks all over,

There is a scar by my eye that I got when I was small,

I’m pale, and my skin gets blotchy

And my cheekbones are not ‘like so’


But I am more beautiful than something that they fix with a computer

I look like my mother, with my fathers coloring

I do not look like I was born from a picture editing computer program

I do not want to look like I am the child of the media

Because I am me, and I want to look like me.



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